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Sep. 18-20 2019
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Thai Industry Moving toward Industry 4.0

The Ministry of Industry has been implementing strategies for developing "Industry 4.0,” in line with Thailand 4.0, which is moving toward a value-based, innovative, and technology-driven economy.

At the Thailand Industry Expo 2018, held recently at IMPACT Arena, Muang Thong Thani, Industry Minister Uttama Savanayana stated that the development of Industry 4.0 aims to enhance Thailand’s competitiveness and upgrade the country’s industry.

In this regard, the use of science and technology will be emphasized, along with information technology, to support production. Strategies for Industry 4.0 focus on four major issues. The first issue seeks to enhance the potential of the S-Curve industries.

These target industries are divided into two groups. The first group, or the First S-Curve, includes automotive, electronics, affluent medical and wellness tourism, agriculture and biotechnology, and food processing. The second group, or the New S-Curve, includes robotics, aviation and logistics, biofuels and biochemicals, the digital industry, and the medical hub.

The second issue in the strategies for Industry 4.0 involves the development of the ecosystem. The third issue seeks to create strategic partnerships in both Thailand and abroad. In the fourth issue, labor skills will be developed through cooperation between the public and private sectors, educational, research, and financial institutions, as well as international organizations.

Speaking at a seminar on Agro-Industry 4.0, Deputy Industry Minister Somchai Harnhirun explained that agricultural development also needed new technology to help in production. Thailand’s agricultural economics expanded by 3.8 percent annually, and agro-industry has also continued to grow steadily.

The Government has set policies to develop agro-industry in preparation for Industry 4.0. These policies seek to adopt the "marketing leads production” approach, reduce production costs, apply technology and innovation in the production process, and develop "smart farmers.”

The Ministry of Industry is also focusing on developing small and medium-sized enterprises, so that they will be able to use technology and innovation to improve and develop their production and services.

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